A2 Geography

On this page are revision materials to help you revise for the A2 exams. General guidance on revision techniques can be found here.

Exam questions/past papers

Past papers can be found via the OCR website. Remember, you need to answer three section A questions and two section B questions. There is no restriction on answering a section A question and a section B question on the same unit.

Global Issues

Section A example 10 mark questions

Section B Essay Writing Guide

  • Earth Hazards

Earth Hazards Management Techniques

Tectonic Hazards Example

  • Climatic Hazards
  • Development & Inequalities

Zimbabwe – Development Gap

Revision Mind Map

Geographical Skills

Skills paper advice

Skills paper checklist

River Kym guidance notes

Factors to consider when selecting data presentation techniques

Statistical analysis methods summary table

Example statistical analysis essay

Example modern technology essay

Example conclusion essay