Year 13

What is the Film Studies Course at A2 level about?

The full exam board A-Level Specification can be found here

Film Studies at AS level was concerned with examining how ‘meaning’ is made in films in FM1. The cinema industry and the social practice of film spectatorship along with the close study of British and Hollywood films in their national contexts was the focus of FM2.

A2 essentially builds on these skills and develops them further, encouraging a broader and more independent approach to film, so don’t chuck away all your AS notes! We also expand our film geography and look at cinema from around the world.

The A2 course is divided up as follows:

FM3: Film Research & Creative Projects

This is the coursework aspect of A2.

The Small-Scale Research project

You are required to produce a presentation on a project of your choice.

Click on the peering cosmonaut to find the Small-Scale Research Project page

Screen Writing

You will need to produce a screen play for a short film or an extract of a full-length film

Click on the manic typing to find the Screen Writing page

FM4: Varieties of Film Experience – Issues & Debates

This will be a two and three quarter hour examination

Different films should be used as the basis for answers in all three sections.

Section A: World Cinema

One question to be answered from a choice of two on German and/or Soviet cinema of the 1920s.

Click on the Grim Reaper to find the German Cinema page

Click on the Kino Eye to find the Soviet Cinema page

Click on the relentless marching Cossacks or the murderous somnambulist

to find the German and Soviet Cinemas compared page

Section B: Spectatorship Topics

One question to be answered from a choice of two on Popular Film and Emotional Response.

Click on the dancing girl to find the Popular Film and Emotional Response page

Section C: Single Film – Critical Study

One question to be answered from a choice of two questions general to all films and a specific question set for each film prescribed.

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A2 Revision

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