Year 12

What is the Film Studies Course at A level about?

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The full exam board A-Level Specification can be found here


Basically, the A level is designed to enable you to deepen your understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film. By the end of the AS year, you should be able to understand how we as an audience ‘read’ a film, often without realising that we are doing so.

The course will also look at film as a medium, an art form and as a social and ideological construct. You will be engaging with a variety of different kinds of film and, with the intention of developing your skills of critical analysis.

A Level Film Studies will cover the following areas

Component 1 – Varieties of film and filmmaking Exam assessment Section A: Hollywood 1930 – 1990 (comparative study) 40 marks

Section B: American film since 2005 (two film study)

40 marks

Component 2 – Global filmmaking perspectives Exam assessment Section A: Global Film (two film study)40 marks Section B: Documentary Film 20 marks

Component 3 – Production Coursework assessment

Option 1: Short Film OR Option 2: Screenplay (& 20 frame digital storyboard) 40 marks Evaluative Analysis (1600-1800 words) 20 marks  Introduction: Film Aesthetics

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Component 1 – Varieties of film and filmmakingSection A: Hollywood 1930 – 1990


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Section B: American film since 2005


   Click on the woman for the La La Land page                  Click on the girl for the Beasts of the Southern Wild page

Component 2 – Global filmmaking perspectives

Section A: Global Film


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Section B: Documentary Film

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Component 3 – Production

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