Vertigo Revision Page

Key points to revise

In the exam, you must discuss specific examples: micro-analyse the key scenes as part of your revision.


  • How does the film address the issues of masculinity and femininity?

  • To what extent can we analyse the film in the light of Hitchcock’s body of work as an auteur?

  • Analyse the film’s concern with spectatorship: voyeurism, subjectivity, perception, scopophilia, the gaze, etc

  • How is the audience’s experience of the events in the film linked to Scottie’s perception and how does Hitchcock achieve this?

  • Is the film misogynistic?

  • How valid is a psychoanalytic approach to the film?

  • How does Hitchcock explore the themes of past/present, haunting and posession in different ways?

  • What is meaningful about the casting and performance in the film?

  • What is interesting about the way that the film is structured?

  • What role does music play in steering our perception of events, mood and emotion in the film?

  • What is the relevance of some of the recurring imagery in the film: the spiral, eyes, red/green, framing of characters in windows, doorways and mirrors?

  • How does micro-analysing any given scene link to the film’s overall concerns?

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