The Golem

Paul Wegener and Carl Boese(1920)



In the Jewish ghetto of medieval Prague, Rabbi Loew, predicts disaster for his people. The next day, a royal decree declares that the Jews must leave the city. Loew begins to devise a way of defending the community and secretly creates the Golem, a huge monster out of clay.

In an elaborate magical procedure, Loew summons the demon Astaroth to request a secret word that will animate the Golem. The word is placed in an amulet, which is inserted into the Golem’s chest and the creature comes to life.

When Loew is summoned to the royal palace, he brings the Golem with him. Loew’s magic begins to collapse the building until the Golem intervenes and props up the falling ceiling, saving the court. As a sign of gratitude the Emperor pardons the Jews and allows them to stay in the city.

As the community rejoices, the Golem, now under Astaroth’s influence, goes on a rampage until he sees a group of girls playing. They all flee except for one, whom he picks up. Out of curiosity, she removes the amulet from the Golem. It drops her and collapses.


Key Scenes

Loew reads the stars

Summoning Astaroth

The Golem falls

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