Short Filmmaking and Screenwriting

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External Short Filmmaking Materials

Basic Cinematography

6 Ways to Compose Better Video

Composing to Make Shots More Cinematic

Another Video on Composition

Christopher Doyle on Cinematography


More Lighting

9 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know

10 Lessons From Top Film Editors

Short Filmmaking Classroom Resources

Shooting Protocol

Blank Shot List Template

Shooting Schedule template

Blank Step Outline

Tools for Filmmakers Website

Reflective Analysis

External Screenplay Writing Materials


FutureLearn Course on Screenwriting

Screenwriting 101

Professional Screenplay Examples

The Screenplay Database

The Internet Movie Script Database


Screenplays Online

Awesome Scripts and Screenplays

Screenplays for You

Screen Writing Classroom Resources

Screenplay Layout – Exam Board Guidance

Screen Writing Conventions

Example of screenwriting

Improving screenwriting

Further improvements to screenwriting

Three Act Structure

Annotated  student example

The Reflective Analysis


Exam Board Example Storyboard


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