Popular Film and emotional response

Popular Film and Emotional Response

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A2 Revision Page


Key Film Plot Summaries:

Let the Right One In



The Innocents

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Aristotle and Catharsis

Spectatorship Topics Revision

Detailed Popular Film & Emotional Response Revision

Cinematic Style in Audition

Audition and Spectatorship

Sentimentality in Audition

Character identification in Malena

Sample Essay Plan

Shocking Cinema

The Power of the Close-Up

Tod Browning’s Freaks

Tanya Jones’ Presentation for Let The Right One In

Revision on Cinematic Technique and Spectatorship

Spectatorship Theory and Technique Revision

Detailed Revision Notes


Examiner’s Outline

Emotional Engagement in Film

Emotional Contagion

Audience Context

Study Guide to The Innocents

Critical Approaches

The Gaze


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