Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror F.W. Murnau (1922)



In the town of Wisborg, newlywed Ellen is saddened when her husband Hutter is sent to Transylvania on business by his employer, Knock.  Knock wants Hutter to arrange the purchase a house across the street from where Hutter and Ellen live for a Count Orlok.  Hutter travels to Transylvania, picking up a “Book of the Vampires” in an inn.

The sinister Orlok is gradually revealed as a vampire. Hutter eventually escapes from the castle after seeing the Count depart on a cart loaded with coffins, heading for Wisborg.


Hutter and Orlok arrive in Wisborg simultaneously. Traumatised by his experience, Hutter does nothing to warn his neighbours.  The resulting rise in deaths in the town is blamed on a plague. The “Book of the Vampires” tells Ellen what she must do to end the nightmare. The Count meets his doom when Ellen sacrifices herself to him, keeping him in her room until he is destroyed by the drising sun.


Key Scenes:

Hutter is taken to Orlok’s castle

Orlock’s attack on Hutter

Orlok on the ship

Ellen lures the vampire to his doom

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