Fritz Lang (1927)


Metropolis is the story of two cities.  The utopia “Metropolis” is home of the privileged class and rises high into the sky; the dystopia “Lower City” is home to the oppressed working class and extends deep underground. 

The pampered Freder is prophesied to become a mediator for the two cities.  Freder has visions of factory machines eating men and of a doomsday clock.  Maria is the woman who explains the prophecy and with whom Freder falls in love. 

Things go wrong when Freder’s father, who is also the leader of Metropolis, Joh Fredersen, plots with the inventor Rotwang to create a robotic false version of Maria.

Following Rotwang’s secret orders to destroy Fredersen’s city and son, the False Maria leads a rebellion of the workers which ends up flooding the lower city.  Fortunately, Freder finds the real Maria and together they save the city as Rotwang and his robot are destroyed in the chaos.  The ending promises future co-operation between the leaders of the two cities.


Key Scenes:

The vision of Moloch

The Tower of Babel

Rotwang activates the robot

The Whore of Babylon

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