German Cinema

German Cinema of the 1920s

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The Overview Sheets


A ink to the Weimar to Film Noir lecure can be accessed #here#


A2 Revision Page

Key Film Plot Summaries:

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

The Golem



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Year 13 page



Expressionist Art

#Caligari and Context#

Caligari set images

Caligari as expressionistic

Nosferatu and Cinematic Style

Nosferatu images

The Street Film

Fritz Lang

Choreography and Direction in Metropolis

The Golem

Themes and visual style in Metropolis

Critical Perspective1: Foreshadowing the rise of Hitler?

Fritz Lang’s influences and future influence

Critical perspective 2: Shell-Shock Cinema

Weimar Cinema Revision 1

Weimar Cinema Revision 2

Weimar Cinema Revision 3


Caligari as artistic representation of insanity

Anton Kaes on Metropolis

Siegfried Kracauer on Caligari

Metropolis 2010 Re-release Pressbook

Metropolis Themes and Context

Questioning race issues in Nosferatu

Comparing Caligari and Nosferatu

Notes on The Golem

The art of Weimar Cinema

Expressionism in art and film

Expressionism in Weimar Cinema

Analysis of F. W. Murnau’s Nosferatu and other films

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