Year 12 Film Studies Homework

13 October 2020

‘The mise-en-scene and cinematography of the opening sequences of Psycho and Rear Window are typical of Alfred Hitchcock’s visual style’. Do you agree?

1000+ words.  Use examples and refer to key terminology of film form

Due Monday 19th October

01 October 2020

1.  Watch the clip from Hitchcock’s The Birds:

2. Make notes on editing techniques, including shot duration and cinematic conventions.

3. Then watch this analysis:

4. Write at least 500 words on how Hitchcock uses editing in the sequence from The Birds creates suspense.

5. Then select a sequence from a film of your own choice and write at least 500 words on how the editing is used to create meaning. You may refer to other film techniques if you wish.

Due Monday 12th October

21 September 2020

Due 28th September

1. Watch this clip of Alfred Hitchcock discussing editing:

Make notes on the function and effect of editing

2. Watch this clip of the big reveal from Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) Big spoiler alert!

3. Short essay: How does Hitchcock use cinematic technique to build suspense in the Psycho sequence?  You should discuss editing and any other relevant cinematic technique.

500-1000 words

14 September 2020

Due 21 September

  • Watch the clip from We Need to Talk About Kevin, either below, or at:
  • The boy’s sister has had an accident whilst home alone with her brother. She has lost an eye. The mother has suspicions about the boy.

  • Now answer the following questions and upload your answers to your OneDrive folder:

    1.What elements of form are used to support the mother’s suspicions in this scene?

    2.What do you think makes the scene so tense?

    3.The three characters are only seen together in the first and last shot. Why do think this is?

    4.Take a screenshot of a single image from the scene and say what you think the shot is trying to achieve