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English Language Revision: Exam Specification

2023 Revision Resources – Updated Exam Board Information. 

AQA: Language Paper 1 Example Assessments

AQA: Language Paper 2 Example Assessments

Please click on the above links and download a copy. 

Additional Resources

Paper 1 Resources

 Paper 2 Resources


  • Mr Bruff’s YouTube channel – Mr Bruff is an English teacher who makes revision videos for all of the Literature texts, as well as question-by-question guides for the Language papers.
  • GCSEPod – GCSEPod is a program that all students have access to, using their school Office365 logins. The platform offers short revision videos and quizzes on all subjects, not just English.
  • Seneca Learning – Seneca is a free online platform, with interactive revision tasks for all of the Literature texts. Students can sign up with school or personal email accounts, and complete revision activities on all aspects of the text – quotations, themes, plot, context etc.
  • Poetry revision YouTube channel – Detailed revision videos for all of the Relationships poetry anthology.
  • Quizlet – Students can sign up for free and this aids them in creating flashcards. You can also access pre-made flash cards.

English Literature Revision: Exam Specification

 Edexcel English Literature

2023 Revision Resources – Updated Resources.

Please click on the links below to view the exam boards exemplar packs. They come with examiner commentaries and mark schemes.

Edexcel Literature Paper 1 Examples

Edexcel Literature Paper 1 Examples Part 2

Edexcel Literature Paper 2 Examples

Edexcel Literature Paper 2 Examples Part 2