Year 9

Welcome to the year 9 area!

Here you can see what you can expect our year 9 students to produce throughout the year.

In year 9, students have selected to take a GCSE in DT so they will be building up skills in all areas of DT.

Clock project

Students will look at how they can produce ideas and where they can get inspiration from. Students will then model some designs before choosing which design to make using Acrylic, Plywood and Aluminium.

Shop Front project

Students will use a real high street of their choice to design a shop front for a chosen target market. Students will produce a range of ideas and then model one to show their concept.

Calculator project

Students will analyse a range of calculators to see how they differ and why for different target markets. Students will then be given a target market and produce a range of ideas for their own calculator. Students will then model their final design using layers of MDF and Acrylic.