Year 8

Welcome to the year 8 area!

In year 8 students will develop the skills previously learnt. Students will be expected to become more independent in all areas of the projects.

The projects they will undertake are-

Ear phone wrap

Acrylic keyring


Students will be expected to complete 11 homework tasks of approximately 20-30 minutes each over their 3 projects, such as research and designing. If students need work printing they can bring it into the department and use the DT computers or they may send it to their teacher via email.

Rotation 1

  • Week 1- Produce a page of images to use next lesson to generate their design ideas
  • Week 2- Research how you could decorate your wrap- what what types of mediums could you use?
  • Week 3- Produce a poster about what Acrylic is- type of plastic, properties and uses.

Rotation 2

  • Week 1- Bring in a picture of an example of a mechanism at home. Can you explain how it works?
  • Week 2- Bring in some images for your grabber designs. Annotate them to explain what you choose and why.
  • Week 3- Write down 3 facts about plywood
  • Week 4- What is Pine? Write down 3 things about it and where it is used.

Rotation 3

  • Week 1- What is ergonomics? Why is it important?
  • Week 2- Why is a lap joint stronger than a butt joint?
  • Week 3- Bring in 2 images of products which are ergonomically designed. Explain how and why.
  • Week 4- What are temporary and permanent joining methods? Where would you use each?