Year 7

Welcome to the year 7 area!

Here you can see what you can expect our year 7 students to produce throughout the year.

In year 7 students will begin to explore how to use tools and different materials in a range of projects.

The projects they will undertake are-

Blister pack and Aluminium Keyring

Students will be expected to complete 4 homework tasks of approximately 20-30 minutes each during their projects, such as research and designing. If students need work printing they can bring it into the department and use the DT computers or they may send it to their teacher via email.

Rotation 1

  • Week 1- Design a safety poster for the workshop based on what you have learnt in your first lesson.
  • Week 2- Design a plan for your blister pack. Use a pencil and a ruler. Do NOT colour it in.
  • Week 3- What does PET stand for?
  • Week 4- What is aluminium and what properties does it have?

Rotation 2

  • During this rotation the student will be set a project. This project is to be spread out over the first 4 weeks.
  • Students must plan and manage their time wisely so they do not leave it all to the last minute.
  • Below is a copy of the leaflet they will get in class to complete their research homework project in the 2nd rotaton.