Welcome to the GCSE area!


During year 10 students will start by recapping some DT basics before starting their Controlled Assignment.

Their Controlled Assignment will be approximatly 20 pages with approximatly 20 hours of practical work.

We follow the Edexcel Exam board Specification. A link to their website can be found below.

The Controlled Assignment is currently worth 60% of the overall GCSE mark. The other 40% is the exam at the end of year 11, this is assessed through a 1-hour and 30-minute paper set and marked by Edexcel.


Throughout the two years students will build up their theory knowledge by completing Controlled Assignment work and then complimenting this with additional sessions. Students will be given a range of example exam questions throughout the two years to prepare them for the exam but students are encouraged to look at the example questions and past papers on the Edexcel website regularly.

Students will be provided with most materials and components but are free to purchase additional parts to compliment their project if discussed with the teacher first.

Students can be provided with an A3 display folder to display their work but may wish to purchase their own.

These folders MUST STAY AT SCHOOL AT ALL TIMES until after the exams are completed.

Students can collect their folders and practical work between October half term and the December holidays after their exam.

Please note: We are required by the exam board to keep work until this point.

Students can purchase textbooks to support their studies. If students would like further advice on textbooks please contact their class teacher.