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The Art Department runs trips throughout the year to years 10, 11, 12 & 13 which are specifically tailored to support our students creative studies. Being able to see and actively engage with art first hand offers a learning experience like no other. We as a department see gallery visits as a key part of …


Our Ethos: We support students to think independently, whilst developing essential and individual skills, such as,  Curiosity: problem solvingTake risks: be braveCelebrate failure: non-precious attitudeSelf-motivation: responsibilityIndividuality: no robots

Art Staff

Ms A. Lombard (AML) Head of Creativity Mr D. Reed (DSR) Head of Art Mrs K. Treen (KCT) Art Teacher Miss A. Cater (AMC) Art Teacher Mrs S. Hill (SCH) Art Teacher Michaela D’Agati (MLD) Art Technician