GCSE Business Studies

  Subject     Business  
  Exam Board   Edexcel
  Qualification   GCSE  
  Course Description                     In Year 9 you will engage in project style learning through which we will introduce key topics. You will then start the GCSE course and cover the following areas: Theme Topics 1 Investigating Small Business Enterprise and entrepreneurshipSpotting a business opportunityPutting a business idea in to practiseMaking the business effectiveUnderstanding the external influences on business. 2 Building a Business Growing the businessMaking marketing decisionsMaking operational decisionsMaking financial decisionsMaking human resource decisions.
  How Students will be Assessed (Coursework, Exams, Controlled Assessment)   The course is assessed via 2 exams at the end of Year 11.   Theme 1: Investigating Small Business, 1 hour and 30 minutes (50%) Theme 2: Building a Business, 1 hour and 30 minutes (50%)   Both papers will consist of calculations, multiple-choice, short-answer and extended-writing questions.
  Staff to Contact   Ms S Haines, Head of Department – syh@hinchbk.cambs.sch.uk 
  Skills & Qualities         In Business, you will learn to think on your feet, engaging in class discussions and presentations. You will develop cognitive skills of non-routine problem solving, expert thinking and critical thinking, analysing, synthesising and reasoning. In Business, it’s not always what you decide, but how you decide that gets you the marks! You will develop interpersonal skills as you work in teams to develop and present solutions to business problems, with added opportunities to demonstrate leadership and self-management skills. You will also use your quantitative skills to analyse financial accounts and marketing data.
  Further Education   Business can lead directly on to business related A Level and college courses at KS5 such as Accountancy, Economics, Business and Marketing. 
  Careers A knowledge of Business will serve you well in whatever career choice you make; after all, wherever you work, you will be working in a business organisation of some kind. You may even want to set up and run your own business; background knowledge will be very helpful to you. GCSE Business provides a strong foundation for a wide range of careers such as banking, accountancy, sales, product management and general management.