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Visiting Speaking Thaana Ghalia, University of Northampton

The Business Education Department were delighted to welcome Thaana Ghalia, an Economics lecturer and researcher from the University of Northampton to discuss pathways into higher education and possible career pathways.  Thaana offered the students an insight into University life at Northampton especially in the Economics dept, explaining the way the subject is studied and thought while also covering the most recent developments in this fascinating field.  The students then took part in a series of learning activities around ‘Game Theory’ and a Q & A based on their course so far.  Thaana really enjoyed the session complementing the students on their levels of engagement, enthusiasm and subject knowledge

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November 2019 Economics enrichment day University of Warwick

Year 12 Economics students enjoyed a day of enrichment at the University of Warwick, listening to speakers on a range of topics, including GDP, behavioural economics and the economy of climate change. All returned to school agreeing that the day had been well worth attending and enthused to continue their studies.