A Level Business

Why Study Business? 

What happened to Woolworths? Why is House of Fraser in trouble? Should the USA be imposing trade sanctions on China? What are the implications of this political move? A set of company accounts shows that despite a turn over £1.3m last year; they not making a profit; why? Are managers worth high salaries? Why don’t women earn as much as men? Is globalisation good or bad for consumers? Is there room for ethics in business? 

If you are interested in discovering the answers to these and many more questions, then A Level Business is for you. Not just a theoretical subject, but about real life, by studying this A Level you will gain an insight into the dynamic world of business. You will gain an holistic understanding of business in a range of contexts, developing a critical understanding of organisations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants. The skills you develop (decision making, problem solving, the challenging of assumptions and critical analysis) are in demand by employers and universities alike. Studying A Level Business will equip and prepare you not just for Higher Education, but beyond. Whether you want to start your own business, work in the private or public sector, or even have ambitions to become the next Richard Branson, A Level Business will give you the knowledge and understanding necessary to take those next steps.  

 What Does The Course Involve? 

You will study a broad range of topics, frothe role of an entrepreneur to controlling multi national corporations. You will consider business ethics, exploring issues of wage discrimination, animal rights and treatment of workers in foreign countries. Your numerical skills will be honed as you develop the knowledge and understanding of how to interpret a set of company accounts and learn how to carry out investment appraisalThe business world is fast moving; the A Level in Business expects you to keep up to date with current news stories and ever-changing developments. The final exam paper is based on a pre-released case study, allowing you the opportunity to carry out in depth research into a real business industry or problem. An intensive study workshop visit will equip you to achieve your full potential in your final exams.  

 How Will I Be Assessed?  


Exam board: Edexcel. 100% exam based. 

 Paper 1  Marketing, people and global business 35% 

Paper 2  Business activities, decisions and strategy 35% 

Paper 3  Investigating business in a competitive environment 30% 

 Leading To A Career In? 

Degrees in Business, Management, Human Resources, Accountancy, Law, Finance, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Sociology and Psychology. Careers with a Business degree have high earning potential.  

Career possibilities include: banking, insurance, marketinghuman resources, distribution, sales, accounting, law, education, central or local government, business consultancy, entrepreneurship, management 

 What Are The Entry Requirements? 

5s in English and Maths. You do not have to have studied Business previously but if you have, you should have achieved GCSE Grade 5 or CNAT Level 2 Merit.  

All students will be required to sit a numeracy test at the beginning of Year 12 to ensure you are able to cope with the demands of the course.  

Business A level leaflet