The History Department

Mr J D Leigh (JDL) - Head of History.

6th Form Tutor

Mr Leigh has a particular interest in the History of American Civil Rights and a love of all things Roman. He studied a wide expanse of History at Churchill College (University of Cambridge). Mr Leigh teaches all year groups, and currently specialises in Modern American and Russian History at A-level. He also teaches the GCSE Modern World courses, and the new GCSE Option A covering warfare. Beyond the gates of Hinchingbrooke Mr Leigh works as an examiner at GCSE for OCR and as a consultant for the Princes Teaching Institute. Mr Leigh is also a keen supporter of Leicester City Football Club and relaxes by reading historical novels with a good cup of coffee.


History Base Ext. 5761

Mr A Williams (AIW) - Second in History

Year 10 Form Tutor

Mr Williams studied Law at the University of Cambridge and History at the University of Manchester (writing his dissertation on the Manchester Guardian's representation of the Boer War), and is particularly interested in Tudor and 20th century history. He teaches all year groups. At A level Mr. Williams teaches the new Tudor and Nazi Germany courses. At GCSE Mr Williams teaches the GCSE Modern World Course, and the new GCSE Option A covering warfare. He organises the Year 13 trip to Russia. Mr Williams likes listening to any music that isn't currently popular and supporting Wales through successive triumphs in the rugby and successive disasters in the football.


Mr T R Wheeley (TRW)

Assistant Head of 6th Form.

Mr Wheeley specialised in the Age of Revolution in 18th and 19th century Europe when he studied History at the University of York where he also gained his M.A. He teaches most year groups. At A-level his specialism is the English Civil War and he has recently authored and published the AQA endorsed text book on 'The English Revolution' . He also teaches the new A-level on Nazi Germany. He is currently working on a GCSE text book on the same period. At GCSE, Mr. Wheeley teaches the GCSE Modern World Course and the new GCSE Option A covering warfare. He has a personal interest in military history and helps organise the Year 9 Battlefields Trip and Year 13 trip to Russia.


Mrs K M Tandy (KMT)

Assitant Head of Global Society

Mrs Tandy specialises in 17th-century British History and studied Historyand German at the University of Exeter. She teaches all year groups, and at A-Level teaches 'The English Revolution' . Mrs Tandy teaches the GCSE SHP course on the History of Medicine and the American West, and also the new GCSE Option B covering medicine. In the past she has also taught the English Civil War and Modern Russia coursework units. Mrs Tandy and Mr Wheeley gave a talk on how people chose sides in the English Civil War. Mrs Tandy is a talented musician playing Piano and Cello, and singing.



Miss H Brown (HSB)

Year 7 Tutor



Miss C Andrews (CRA)

Year 8 Tutor and Maths Leader

Miss Andrews loves all areas of our KS3 curriculum for Years 7 and 8. She also helps lead the teaching of our GCSE courses specialising in the Anglo-Saxon and Norman Period, The American West and Medicine Through Time. A passionate advocate of History Miss Andrews also runs our History Club which takes a hands on and creative approach to further studying aspects of the class. Miss Andrews studied archaeology at degree and brings a new persective to our histoirical studies. Beyond the classroom Miss Andrews can found leading Zumba classes, dancing and busking! She also loves to travel and relax.



Miss R H Fender  (RHF)

Year 9 Tutor

Miss Fender studied history at Swansea University before completing her Masters in Education at the University of Cambridge, and specialises in the medieval period and the long-nineteenth century. Miss Fender teaches all year groups, including the new GCSE Option B covering Medicine and the American West. Miss Fender teaches both breadth courses at A-Level, ‘The Making of a Superpower, America 1865 – 1975’ and ‘The Tudors: 1485 – 1603’, and has worked as an AQA examiner for the Tudor course. Miss Fender has a personal interest in public history and has co-led Sixth Form events at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. In her spare time, she can usually be found enjoying the latest adaptation of her favourite literary classics.



Ms Nightingale (AN)

Vice Principal

Ms Nightingale specialises in modern German and Russian history, although she would describe herself as 'pretty rusty' these days! She has a History and Politics degree and a PGCS in History and English, both from Keele University. She teaches the GCSE SHP course on the History of Medicine and the American West. Ms Nightingale doesn't really have time for hobbies, but when the opportunity does present itself she likes to swim, read, garden and bake.