Team Business   KS3

Business Studies


Business Studies at Key Stage 3 is an exciting development at Hinchingbrooke.


Year 9

Business Studies at Year 9 is a new and exciting challenge for students. It requires students to come up with an original business idea based on personalised market research. This course also encourages teamwork.

The purpose of this course is to;


This can provide an ideal stepping stone for those students who wish to study Business Studies at GCSE. It is also an excellent "stand alone" introduction to Business Studies.

Term 1 involves an examination of a wide range of business terms and concepts such as market reseach and finance.

Terms 2 and 3 involve producing a business plan for a business idea generated by groups of students.  The business plan will then be presented to the subject teachers. 

A small number of these presentations will then be "pitched" to local entrepreneurs (known as the "Lions Lair"). These presentations take place in Hinchingbrooke House.  The winning group receive shields as a momento of their successful "pitch".

The current resource for the Year 9 project is located here.

During term 1, homework will include conducting market research to investigate a viable idea for a stall at the Christmas Fair. This will involve aspects such as costing the resources needed to run the stall.  Students will also produce a business report based on their idea - this will involve homework tasks.

Terms 2 and 3 will involve homework based on the Year 9 project.  This will involve conducting market research, producing relevant business documents (such as a cash flow forecast and break even analysis) and producing and rehearsing the final presentation.


Year 8

Year 8 students also experience Business Studies. This 6 week module focuses on financing a business idea.

BBC's Dragons' Den

Students will generate potential business ideas.  These ideas are then analysed in terms of their viability.  Factors such as the costs of producing the product/service are considered.

Homework will involve planning the initial business ideas and conducting market research. Students are also expected to produce a model of their product or produce an annotated diagram of their chosen service.


Business Studies Games

For those that want to put their business skills to the test in another way, click on the link below to gain access to some fun business games!

Business Studies Online Break Time