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Business Studies is a subject that is relevant to everything that happens in the modern world. From the recession, to the survival of local businesses, to the current eurozone crisis, Business Studies helps students understand how business works and also gives them the skills to run their own business in the future.

Team Business has designed theses page for students and parents to be able to access information and resources about Business Studies. Team Business has four aims:

  • To develop an interest and passion in the study of business
  • To develop student awareness of the Business Environment
  • To develop discussion and debating skills, whilst respecting each others' ideas
  • To develop an understanding of the benefits of teamwork


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Team Business Staff

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Mrs L Beadles is Head of Business Studies.



Mr M. Addis is the Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator for Business Studies.  He is currently overseeing the expansion of Business Studies into Key Stage 3.

He has been teaching for 30 years and has worked at Hinchingbrooke for 25 years.

mta@hinchbk.cambs.sch.uk 5710

Mrs.Ewing teaches Business Studies at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 5

Mrs.Ewing has taught at Hinchingbrooke School for 30 years.

jae@hinchbk.cambs.sch.uk 5746
Mr K. O'Shaughnessy teaches Business Studies and is the Information and Guidance Manager. kos@hinchbh.cambs.sch.uk 5710


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