A2 Business StudiesStudents applying theory to business situations

A2 Business Studies looks to build upon students' knowledge and add depth to their understanding of Business.


The A2 course consists of two units;

  • F297: Strategic Management; is focused on students understanding the long term planning for business and making decisions. This unit assists with the students' managerial, planning, and implementation skills and use of models such as decision trees and critical path analysis. This is assessed in an exam based upon a pre-issued case study worth 60% of Year 13.
  • F295: People in Organisations; is focused on the Human Resource function of business, and increases the depth and understanding that students have of this function, covering a variety of issues from Health and Safety to training and remuneration. Also, the study of motivational and management theory, which is extremely important in the modern world. This is assessed using an un-seen case study in an exam format. This exam is worth 40% of year 13.


A2 Business Studies : Induction Guide

F297: Strategic Management : A student guide

F295: People in Organisations : A student guide


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