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Subject World is a great way to manage learning across all subjects.

Students can monitor their performance across subjects.

Staff can get access to student data and be able to give the most informed advice with minimal effort.

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Subject World is a dynamic tool that allows students to reflect upon their performance across their chosen subjects. It is a tool designed by a teacher to meet the needs of all students.

A mixture of features that Subject World offers are listed below:
1) Create a subject list - inc. Tutor
2) Enter half termly assessments for each subject
3) Add targets for each subject or triumphs from activities you have been involved in
3) Compare performance across different years using the graph tool for each subject
4) Create revision cards
5) Revise from your cards, your class's cards or from those that are in the same year as you
6) Create and share mind maps
7) Take part in a mini whiteboard/ keypad style/ fastest finger feedback session. Complete skills sheets (RAG) to identify strengths and areas to develop. Complete gap analysis sheets set up by your teachers.
8) Manage important dates - exam dates, essay deadlines,...
9) Homework planner
10) Create a revision schedule
11) View a performance overview
12) View interesting facts
13) Timetable
14) Share useful website links
15) Earn shields/points the more you use different features of Subject World



Once you have logged in and updated your year group (change it via the "Edit your personal profile" button), you will be able to add subjects to your reflection list. To add a subject, simply click "Add a subject to the list". In the prompt that appears, enter the full subject name and your class's name, then select "Save".

In addition to this, the tutor area allows you to add generic targets that encompass all subjects and your own personal triumphs that might have happened in or out of the school.

To change your year group, you must click on "Edit your personal profile".

From the homescreen, you can create a timetable. The timetable is customisable via the settings button in the lower right hand corner. You can choose to show the weekend, from a 3 to 6 period day and whether you have a 2 week timetable or not.
From the homework screen you can record all homework tasks. Within each task you can record the subject and it's due date. Once it is completed you can click on the tick to show that it has been done.
From the homescreen you can also select the revision schedule. This shows all the subjects you are studying this year and allows you to create a 4 week revision programme.

This is the subject home screen selectable from the main screen. As you change from one year to another, you will be able to keep track of your progress. This screen allows you to add in your achievements from the year and monitor how closely you were from your targets.

This screen also gives you the option of adding targets, graphing your performance from each year, creating or revising from revision cards or taking part in a whole class AfL feedback session.


From the subject home screen, it will take you to the targets home screen. Here you can add targets based on your experiences from a subject. Once you have achieved them, you can tick them and they will appear green.

Some targets can not be deleted. These targets are set by your subject teachers.

From the subject home screen, it will take you to the performance graph home screen. Here you can select a different year's data to plot for the selected subject. To enter more data in from a previous year, you must first change your year group by going back to the home screen and edit your personal profile.
From the subject home screen, it will take you to the revision home screen. Here you can create or edit your own revision cards and revise from your cards, your class's cards or from your year group's cards. This way the cards that you revise from can be more tailored to your ability or need to learn behind your classroom walls.
From the homescreen, by selecting on the tutor section (which encompasses all learning), you can choose to look at an overview of all subjects being studied during the year. All data can be changed from the overview and you can even add more subjects to reflect upon.

When you are within the tutor section or within a specfic subject, you can create a seating plan or see a performance overview of the entire class.

The seating plan takes all the current and target data for each student and places it onto the seats. The seating plan also enables you to mark students who are EAL, SEN, FSM or PP.

The performance overview allows you to edit any student data. This means students are kept up to date with the most recent achievements if they haven't entered the information themselves.

Students have access to the AfL area in their app. This allows students to send staff a range of feedback: ABCD, traffic lights or written feedback. This screen shot is an example of the dynamic list that is displayed in the teacher tool that shows how well each child is getting on.