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General Independent Learning for the A-Level Course

There are several copies of this book in the cupboard in H4.

It gives an excellent overview of the subject in general.

There are a few copies of these books in the cupboard in H4 and

in the middle school library.  It will give you details on

completing the specific AS assessments.  You can strengthen

your classroom learning from the exam board's perspective.


Independent Learning beyond the A-Level Course

There are lots of back issues of Sight & Sound magazine

in H5, full of interviews and analytical articles on a

huge range of topics to do with cinema.


Independent Learning linked directly to the Course Units

You should have been issued with a booklet for each

study unit with samples of wider reading and revision advice.


The middle School library has a Film section, with texts on some of the key topics, including Ealing Studios, Film Noir, Weimar Cinema and Alfred Hitchcock.  There are also several books that may link to A2 small scale research projects.


There are links galore on this website to find!

The useful links page



The Micro-analysis page

The Creative Project page

The Producers and Audiences page

The British Cultural Studies page

The US Film - Comparative study page


The Small-Scale Research Project page

The Screen Writing page

The German Cinema page

The Soviet Cinema page


The German and Soviet Cinemas compared page

The Popular Film and Emotional Response page

The Vertigo page


A2 Revision

The A2 Revision page